Last day of Interpreter Technology Class

Here I am! The last day of Spring semester 2022, and my final project is to submit this website to my professor. I created eight videos, organized my certificates, crafted greetings in both ASL and English, and tried to make an overall pleasing experience for visitors. Now that I have more free time, I’ll addContinue reading “Last day of Interpreter Technology Class”

Hearing Maud: A Journey for a Voice by Jessica White

“…remember disability activist Stella Young, who coined the term ‘inspiration porn.’ People with disabilities aren’t put on earth to inspire other people; we’re just trying to get on with our day in a world that ins’t designed for us.” — Jessica White in Hearing Maud — thoughts by Melanie Page, originally published at Grab theContinue reading “Hearing Maud: A Journey for a Voice by Jessica White”